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Greater than our imperfections

To be human is to be imperfect. We are all flawed, frail and prone to error. This is our undeniable nature. And this adds to the uniqueness of each person. But how do these imperfections affect us?

Insecurities result from the inadequacies we perceive in ourselves. We may feel insecure about our physical attributes, our intellectual ability, our achievements, our material wealth and so on. Sometimes, the manner by which we act, think and feel is affected by these insecurities. Often, their effect is detrimental. Consequently, our confidence and self-esteem may suffer hindering our ability to function optimally.

But we must realize that we are not the sum total of our imperfections. Rather, it is how we use our potentials that defines us. We should not allow our insecurities to negatively influence our lives. Instead, we should either accept them or find ways to overcome them. In fact, some of us are able to use these inadequacies as motivation to achieve success in varied ways.

It is inevitable for us to seek the affections of a partner who will make us feel complete. Relationships are built between two imperfect individuals. By accepting each other’s flaws, romantic partners are able to complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. As a result, partners are able to make each other feel more secure in spite of these imperfections. The peace of mind that couple’s experience hinges upon the security they give each other within the relationship.

To be human, not only requires that we see our imperfections, but that we also embrace them, rise above them and accept the imperfections of others.

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