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Success Reentry is a California 501(c)(3) charitable and public benefit nonprofit corporation.


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Program Codes

Below are the relevant nonprofit program codes that best describe our mission.

NPC Codes:
I03.04 Ex-offender services/supervision

NTEE Codes:
I40 Rehabilitation services for offenders (primary)
I43 Services to prisoners/families (secondary)
I44 Prison alternatives (tertiary)

NAICS Classifications:
621420 Outpatient treatment centers & clinics for substance abuse
624190 Other individual and family services (Ex-offender rehabilitation agencies)

UNSPSC Classifications:
85122100 Rehabilitation services
94131608 Prisoner assistance organizations

NIGP Classifications:
918-32 Consulting services (not otherwise classified)
948-86 Therapy and rehabilitation services
952-05 Alcohol and drug detoxification, including rehabilitation
952-21 Counseling services

NIGP_3DIGIT Classifications:
91800 Consulting services
95200 Human services

NIGP_1DIGIT Classifications:
1800000 Miscellaneous commodities and services

PSC Classifications:
AN26 R&D- Medical: Drug Dependency (Management/Support)
AN36 R&D- Medical: Alcohol Dependency (Management/Support)
G004 Social- Social Rehabilitation

CA Workers Comp Class Code:
8804(2) Social Rehabilitation Facilities for Adults


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