Our Mission

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To reduce recidivism and lessen the burden on government by helping ex-offenders through personal development, career readiness, and success strategies.


Impact Statement

Over the next decade, Success Reentry Solutions’ primary focus will be on ex-offenders and formerly incarcerated persons living in Northern California. Success Reentry Solutions’ objective will be to expand reentry services to sentenced adult and juvenile offenders/ex-offenders who are returning to their families and community from incarceration in state and local facilities including prisons, jails, or detention centers. Reentry services will include substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and related recovery, job readiness and life skills training, and personal development, to include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based training.

By providing needed services and treatment, our programs are intended to reduce the health and social costs of incarceration, as well as substance use and dependence to the public, and increase the safety of California’s citizens by reducing crime and recidivism. Additional anticipated outcomes include: increased number of individuals served; increased abstinence from substance use; increased employment rates; decreased recidivism rates; increased housing stability; decreased criminal justice involvement; improved individual and family functioning and well-being; increased social connectedness; and decreased risky behaviors.


Program Codes

More than 95% of those incarcerated ultimately return to the community–more than 700,000 every year from federal and state prisons, and more than 9 million from jails.

Our goal is to provide counseling, job seeking assistance and other support services that help adult and/or juvenile offenders re-integrate into the community following their release from a correctional facility. Our initial focus will be on helping those who reside in the greater Sacramento, California, area.

Below are our relevant nonprofit program codes that best describe our mission:

NPC* Code: I03.04 – Ex-Offender Services/Supervision: Use references: Ex-Offender Counseling; Ex-Offender Reentry Services; Ex-Offender Transitional Living; Half-way Houses for Ex-Offenders; Halfway Houses for Ex-Offenders; Parolee Programs. * Nonprofit Program Code

NTEE* Code: I40 – Rehabilitation Services for Offenders: Organizations that provide counseling, job seeking assistance and other nonresidential supportive services that help adult and/or juvenile offenders re-integrate into the community following their release from a correctional facility. Use this code for rehabilitation services not specified below. * National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities

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