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SB 678

In 2009, the California Community Corrections Performance Incentives Act (SB 678) encouraged county probation departments to keep violators under community supervision instead of returning them to state prison.

AB 109

n 2011, Public Safety Realignment (AB 109) made county probation departments responsible for a large segment of non-serious and non-violent felony prison releases (34,344 in September 2014), as well as offenders whose sentences are “split” between jail and community supervision (11,360 in September 2014).

Prop 47

In 2014, voters approved Proposition 47, which reclassified a large number of felony offenses as misdemeanors; this quickly reduced the number of new felony probation sentences and trimmed the overall probation caseload by 3%. (Source: Public Policy Institute of California;


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