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Why sponsor us?

Here are some reasons you should become a sponsor of Success Reentry Solutions. Beyond the philanthropic motivations (helping people make a positive change, reducing recidivism, and building a safer and stronger community), here are some sound business reasons why your company or organization should become a sponsor.

Brand visibility. We offer our sponsors brand visibility at community activities and public events we hold, as well as at private events for just our clients. Your logo can be on t-shirts, banners, signage, newsletters, print and web ads, radio spots, tweets, social media posts, press releases, billboards, invites, landing pages and email campaigns. By sponsoring Success Reentry Services, your brand will be seen and associated with a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing recidivism and building a safer and stronger community!

Becognition. We recognize our sponsors’ generosity. We acknowledge our sponsors in public speeches, board meetings and interviews with the press. We will invite you to take photos for the local business journals, ask our staff and volunteers to thank sponsors on their individual social media platforms, and we also offer our sponsors VIP tickets to our public events!

Creative Approval. We understand the value of your brand and the importance you place on approving materials that feature your logo. Your most important asset, their brand, needs to be properly represented. We will make sure to get your approval on any and all creative efforts featuring their logo.

Metrics. When you sponsor one of our events, you want to measure your return on investment (ROI). The most common metrics used to measure sponsorship ROI is to evaluate the amount of exposure our sponsors receive. We will put together a comprehensive list of any marketing materials featuring your logo, and the number of impressions (or estimated impressions) it received. That can include display ad impressions, on-site banner and signage impressions, emails, direct mail pieces, social media “likes” and engagements, video views, and so on.

Communication. Our contracts detail all the deliverables and lay out exactly where you can anticipate visibility. We always deliver what we promise. Our intention is to treat our sponsors the way an ad agency treats its prized client! We want to build and strengthen our relationship with our sponsors, creating a partnership that benefits both of us.

Making a Difference. Beyond all the numbers and business reasons for becoming a sponsor, we’d be remiss if we didn’t reiterate that every dollar of support goes to helping us provide services to ex-offenders, both youth and adults, and that translates into lowering recidivism and ultimately making our communities safer and stronger.

So if you’re ready to make an impact, reach more people with your brand message, and associate your brand with a nonprofit that’s helping ex-offenders become more productive and not go back to jail or prison, then become a sponsor today!

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