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In-kind Donations

No matter how efficient and dedicated we are to reducing recidivism, we can’t do it without the support of generous donors like you! We appreciate your support immensely and we want to make donating as easy as possible. We are happy to receive material and “in-kind” donations of items that we can use in our various programs and events. Success Reentry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Below are examples of the items we’re in need of. If you have items that are not on this list, there’s a good chance we’ll accept them! Please contact us to verify acceptance or to arrange delivery or pick-up of your donations.



We accept new or gently used clothing that can be worn to a job interview (e.g., long-sleeve button-up shirts, ties, suits, suit coats, slacks, dress socks, dress shoes, etc.).

Please note: we cannot accept swimsuits or undergarments (boxers or briefs). If you have a question about whether we’ll accept an article of clothing, please contact us to verify acceptance.


Beverage Containers

We use beverage containers at our meetings and at outdoor events. Examples include…

  • large coffee urns
  • 2-4 qt. coffee “airpots”
  • 5 gal. water jugs/coolers



We need a number of electronic items for our staff and clients. Examples include…

  • computers (laptop or desktop)
  • mobile phones (unlocked)
  • tablet computers
  • digital projectors
  • flatscreen televisions and monitors


Food and Beverages

We can always use food and beverages at our meetings, classes and other events. Food and drink items should be individually packaged. Unopened sealed packages of loose items are acceptable. (Please contact us to arrange dates for pick-up or delivery to correspond with a scheduled event.) Examples include…

  • bottled water
  • prepared beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, etc)
  • snacks, individually-wrapped (chips, cookies, sandwiches)
  • baked goods (danishes, muffins, etc.)


Gift Cards & Certificates

We accept gift cards that we can use to procure needed items and supplies, use as event prizes, and as gifts to our clients in need. Gift cards should be appropriate for our clientele. Some examples include gift cards for:

  • airfare
  • Amazon
  • athletic activities (rock climbing, jump centers)
  • bookstores
  • clothing stores
  • concert admissions
  • fast food restaurants
  • game stores
  • general & discount stores
  • grocery stores
  • home supply stores
  • ice cream or frozen yogurt shops
  • movie theaters
  • music/app store
  • restaurants
  • specialty clothing stores
  • sports events (pro baseball, basketball, soccer or football)
  • theater admissions
  • warehouse club stores

Note that we will not accept gift cards for retailers whose primary product or service involves any of the following: alcohol; tobacco or vaping products; drugs (including prescription medication or marijuana); or firearms.


Retail/Office Space

We are in need of location for our main office and equipment. Two small rooms (for offices), a reception area, and two large rooms (for a classroom and library) would be ideal (approx 1,000+ sq ft). If you’re a property owner or manager and you have a location you are willing to provide a donated or discounted rate for, please contact us right away!



We can always use professional services. Some examples are:

  • color printing (flyers, postcards)
  • banners
  • broadcast advertising spots
  • print display ad space
  • public speaking/presentations
  • transportation (bus and lightrail passes)
  • custom printing of promotional items
  • legal and paralegal services
  • professional services & consultation


Items We Can’t Accept

We will not, under any circumstances, accept the following items as donations:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • drugs (prescription medications or marijuana, whether medicinal or recreational)
  • drug paraphernalia
  • firearms
  • items bearing inappropriate images or words
    • advocating alcohol use/misuse
    • advocating drug use/misuse
    • advocate the overthrow of any government
    • gang indicia
    • hate speech
    • discriminate against any group based on protected factors
  • tobacco products or paraphernalia
  • vaping products or paraphernalia


Please note that Success Reentry staff shall have the determination whether an item fits any of the aforementioned criteria.


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