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Transitional Living Facility

Transitional Living

Housing is a stabilizing force and provides a consistent base for people so they can focus on accessing the services they need to successfully reenter their communities and break the cycle of homelessness and incarceration.

Research has proven that supportive housing is a cost-effective solution to homelessness, particularly for people experiencing chronic homelessness. [It] not only resolves homelessness and increases housing stability, but also improves health and lowers public costs by reducing the use of publicly-funded crisis services, including shelters, hospitals, psychiatric centers, jails, and prisons. (Source: USICH)

Our Transitional Living Facility will provide a temporary but stable living environment to participants who are transitioning from jail or prison, or from transient living.

At the same time, they will receive any needed services, such as Substance Misuse, counseling or other programs. The services provided help our clients develop the skills necessary to move to independence and life as healthy, productive citizens.


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42 USC § 11360(29) defines the term “transitional housing” as “housing the purpose of which is to facilitate the movement of individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing within 24 months or such longer period as the Secretary determines necessary.”

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