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Welcome to the On the Outs Podcast page. Here’s where we’ll be posting links to places you can access our podcast.

The podcast is about Reentry and things related to it (keys to success, overcoming adversity, mindset, etc.). The show is intended to entertain and inform, to provide information to help people adjust to life after incarceration. Guests can talk about their program, their vision, and their opinions about things relating to incarceration and reentry.

The core of each interview is the question: “What advice would you give someone who wants to be successful in reentry (i.e., to change their life)?” Peer advice, spiritual guidance, info about their nonprofit programs, comedy… There are lots of ways to reach people. We just want to “keep it 100” and coming from a place of positivity; no hate.

We already have a number of guests lined up to be interviewed:

  • a certified drug and alcohol counselor;
  • a nonprofit Executive Director;
  • a former prison inmate who now runs a mentoring program;
  • the head of a nonprofit that helps children of people in prison;
  • two stand up comics; and
  • an author

If you have experience working in a Reentry program (whether in a correctional setting or outside), if you have personal experience adjusting to life after incarceration, or if you just have advice for someone who’s making that adjustment, we want to hear from you! Contact us at

You can follow the On the Outs podcast on on social media. Just look for our handle @OntheOutsShow.

We’ll be making our podcasts available from a variety of sites, including:

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