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Gang Diversion

icon Gang DiversionWe understand the origins of street gangs and we also understand that they fill the needs of young people who live in circumstances in which those needs might otherwise not be met.

Our goal is not to convince a gang member to drop out of the gang, but rather to set aside the “gang politics” long enough to learn new tools, new perspectives. We’re planting seeds and encouraging personal growth, plain and simple.

We offer a 24-hour gang diversion course, as well as a long-term 100-hour program, both designed for those impacted by gang life and gang violence.

In both courses we address:

  • Why people join gangs
  • What needs gang membership fills and how to fulfill those needs elsewhere
  • The psychology of conflict
  • How gang life impacts its members, their families and the community
  • New perspectives
  • Tools for thinking differently
  • Options for those who want to leave the gang life
  • Dealing with the consequences of leaving the gang life

In addition, we include diverse material to open their eyes to new possibilities, to encourage new thoughts and ideas, and discussion about those ideas. Supplemental material may include:

  • Guest speakers
  • Thought-provoking videos or movie clips
  • Music

Those completing either the 24-hour or 100-hour course receive a certificate of completion.

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