Mentoring Program

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Our mentors will help you navigate the pitfalls of life on the outs, providing guidance and support along the way. Our mentors shares knowledge, experience, and advice on a variety of topics.

Our mentors are volunteers; they don’t get paid for mentoring. Any of our incredible volunteers, our directors and staff, or graduates of our various programs can choose to become mentors.

All mentors must have graduated from either a recognized substance abuse/misuse program or mentorship training program from another agency, or from one of our programs. Final decisions about acceptance are made by our Executive Director.

Sometimes people just don’t “click,” or personalities don’t mix well. That’s okay. Our members are not required to stick with any mentor. Just contact us and ask for a new mentor. If one is available, we’ll give them your info so they can reach out to you.

If you would like to be a volunteer Mentor, please contact us with your qualifications and desire.

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