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Spiritual Fellowship

icon Spiritual FellowshipSpiritual growth is an important part of overall personal development. Belief in a power greater than oneself, while not a prerequisite, does provide a healthy basis for acceptance of many of life’s principles.

For many, they hold beliefs of a certain religion, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, or Judaism. Spirituality need not involve a specific religion or dogma, but an overall awareness of a power greater than ourselves. Some call it “Source,” “the universe,” or “the divine.”

Whatever your personal beliefs, we offer multi-faith, non-denominational spiritual fellowship and study, led by spiritual teachers speaking “real talk.” We plan to have guest speakers from different faiths from throughout the county.

We’re not presenting religion, per se, but facilitating communication on spiritual topics. There is no official “church” nor is it our goal to “convert” anyone. Our goal is simply to present ideas and help others discover their own path to spiritual growth.

Individual religion-based groups are also allowed, so that people of like faiths can participate in fellowship.


Do you want to be a guest speaker? If you are a religious leader or clergy, or have a ministry and would like to be a guest speaker at Success Reentry, please contact us with your information, name of your ministry or church, and religious affiliation.

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