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Substance Misuse

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We’re looking for options and funding to hire a certified drug and alcohol counselor to facilitate one-on-one and group counseling sessions. As soon as this service is available we’ll send out a message to our members.

We’re planning to provide outpatient substance misuse counseling in individual and group settings. for members who have been identified as experimenting, using or misusing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or other mood or mind-altering substances.

Treatment will be client-centered and based on the individual’s needs. We hope to add individualized drug counseling, group therapy, as well as family counseling and advocacy.


Do you want to be a volunteer counselor? If you are a certified drug and alcohol counselor, or a licensed counselor or therapist, and you would like to volunteer your time as a counselor for Success Reentry, please contact us with your qualifications.


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