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Relapse Prevention

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Many people who make it into addiction recovery will relapse within the first few months. This is why it’s so important to provide relapse prevention techniques to those who are new in recovery. By focusing on prevention, we can greatly reduce the risk of relapse.

“Preventing an alcohol or drug relapse is more than just saying “no” in the face of temptation. Prevention needs to start early and before temptation presents itself.” —

Whether you are dealing with drug or alcohol relapse prevention, staying sober is not a one-person effort. By its very nature, addiction can isolate the addict. Recovery, on the other hand, requires a network of support.

Our comprehensive relapse prevention program covers social interactions, emotional triggers and developing of positive coping mechanisms.

Do you want to volunteer? If you are a certified drug and alcohol counselor, or a licensed counselor or therapist, and you would like to volunteer your time as a relapse prevention counselor for Success Reentry Solutions, please contact us with your qualifications.

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