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Salvation Army Shelter

Salvation Army
Salvation Army Shelter
125 bed shelter with showers and meals for 30 days.

The Center of Hope Men’s and Women’s Shelter provides those in need with a safe refuge, including sleeping accommodations, two meals a day, showers, use of laundry facilities and other programs. This 125-bed facility provides homeless men and women a 30-day stay and the potential for three additional 10-day extensions (for a total of a 60-day maximum stay).

1 PM (M-F) bed sign-up-Women only.
1 PM (M-F) bed sign-up – Men only.
Dinner, breakfast & clothing for residents.
Utilities Assistance – 442-0303

In addition to food and lodging, our clients may receive:

Spiritual and emotional counseling
Employment referral services
Information and referral to help resolve with legal issues
Help reconnecting with family members

800-SAL-ARMY or (916) 442-0331
12th & North B St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
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