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WellSpace Health
WellSpace Health
WellSpace Health is committed to serving all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Although we do accept many healthcare coverage programs, patients who are not covered by insurance will not be turned away.

WellSpace Health has provided care and support to individuals and families throughout the Sacramento region since 1953.  Our focus has always been to offer a full range of quality medical care, dental care for children and adolescents, mental health and behavioral health services to underserved populations.  We do this by placing ourselves within the communities we serve and employing outstanding healthcare professionals who are devoted to our mission.

After 10pm advice line: (877) 299-1586
24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline: (916) 368-3111
24-Hour Parent Support Line: (888) 281-3000
Addiction Treatment – Outpatient: (916) 313-8434
Addiction Treatment – In-Patient: (916) 921-6598
Dental Care for Children & Adolescents: (916) 737-5555
Mental Health – Adult: (916) 313-8434
Mental Health – Children: (916) 679-3925
Women’s Health (South Sacramento): (916) 689-3433
Women’s Health (Natomas): (916) 515-1698
(916) 550-5443
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