Beat the Curve – Chapter 4 – Unlock Your Potential by Mark T. Arsenault 

Those who wish to improve are willing to make changes, others are dreamers. Beat The Curve is a compilation of authors who have outperformed the status quo. Download this free chapter of the book, written by Mark T. Arsenault, to learn how he “beat the curve” and co-created a successful gang diversion program in the Sacramento County jail system.


Life Assessment Worksheet and Wheel of Life Chart 

To find out where your life is today, in terms of balance, download and complete Darren Hardy’s Life Assessment Worksheet and Wheel of Life Chart. Just Print out the PDF and answer the questions. Simply rate each item on a scale of 1 (Least True) to 5 (Most True). There are no right or wrong answers and there is no final grade. No one else even needs to see your answers. So score each question as truthfully and honestly as you can.

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